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How to Use Cloud Storage to Your Advantage

Posted on July 18, 2016 by in General Interest with no comments

The concept behind cloud computing is that your entire company computer network actually resides on servers maintained by a third-party provider in a secure location hundreds of miles from your office. Your company accesses all of its network and work applications through the cloud and you never have to invest in any networking equipment and software. It can save you thousands of dollars each month on operating costs and help your company to focus its resources on expanding and growing the business.

What about storage? Can you also use cloud computing as a secure and reliable way to store your company’s important data? More and more companies are saving money and realizing a higher level of storage accessibility by using the cloud to store their data. There are a lot of reasons why the cloud is rapidly becoming the default way by which companies save money on storage.


Additional Storage

When you own and administer your own network, it can cost a lot of money to add storage to that network. You have to buy the physical drives for your storage and you may also have to buy more storage boxes to hold your drives and connect them to your network.

When you save your data on the cloud, expansion of your physical drive space is the responsibility of the cloud provider. If you start using more space than your original agreement stipulated, then you would just need to pay a little more for additional storage.


Back Up

Backing up your company data is critical and costly. Not only do you have to have a program that determines which data gets archived and which data is on accessible back up, but then you have to invest in the tapes or other removable media necessary to back your data up properly.

A cloud provider has a very secure location and bases its reputation on the reliability of its network. When you use a cloud storage system, your information is constantly backed up by the provider and you determine which files are to always be accessible to the active network. This is just another way that cloud storage can save your company a lot of money while also reducing the stress of worrying about backing data up.



When you have people out in the field that need access to your data, you need to go through the process of buying the equipment and software necessary to set up Internet accessibility. It is yet another way that doing storage in-house will cost you a lot of money.

When you utilize the cloud, your information is secure and only available to people that have your login information. When you have people out in the field, they can access current data anytime they want by simply accessing the company’s cloud storage account. It is like having your computer network accessible to employees all over the world without having to cost you anything in administrative and hosting costs. The money the cloud can save your company would be significant and the accessibility to your information would be restricted only to those people that you deem authorized.

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