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Manager must strive to be extraordinary

Posted on October 5, 2015 by in Business & Strategic Planning, Business Management, General Interest, Management & Leadership Skills with no comments

Why is it that some managers seem to soar while others barely get off the ground? The business world is full of success stories, hundreds of managers no more capable than yourself, getting extraordinary things done. So why not you?

There are many qualities that distinguish great managers from mediocre ones. But to be a really successful manager, you must have commitment to steadfastness, competence, planning, attention to detail and the aid of those who work with you.

Take the time to learn some basic practices that can help you go from being an ordinary manager to an extraordinary one.

Be willing to take risks. You must be willing to challenge the status quo and stick your neck out. Nothing changes or improves without risk. Great managers need to innovate and experiment in order to find new and better ways to get things done. As the manager, you may not be the creator of new ideas, but you do need to be able to recognize good, innovative ideas. And when you do, you need to support those ideas and nurture them.

Experimentation, innovation and change all involve risks and possible failure. But without risk there is no growth.

Go beyond your vision. All good managers have a desire to make something happen to create something new. They look to the future and visualize what it will be like. They have a vision. Great managers take their vision farther and make it happen. They breathe life into their vision by enabling others to see it and share it with them. Top managers get others excited about goals and dreams by showing them the benefits and expressing them with their own contagious enthusiasm. Managers can inspire followers through their own belief and involvement in their vision.

Get others’ support. Exemplary managers enlist the support and assistance of others. They encourage collaboration, build teams and then empower them. When you enable others to be involved and to act you make them feel strong, capable and committed. When people are empowered, they use their energies to produce extraordinary results.

Practice what you preach. A great manager leads by example. Your behavior must be consistent with your stated beliefs. You must be clear about your business values and beliefs and then be a role model to them. You will lose the respect and commitment of others if you do not. You must lead by example.

Be an encourager. People can become tired, frustrated and disenchanted on the way to a goal. It is up to you to provide encouragement to others, and to help keep goals and dreams in sight. Simple things such as recognition for a job well done goes far in encouraging others to share your vision. Make your employees into individual little goals that lead up to the major goal or vision. Then celebrate as the smaller goals are met. This will help your employees continue their journey.

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