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Keep Employee Training Up to Date

Posted on June 6, 2016 by in Business & Strategic Planning, Business Management, Business Systems & Workflow Procedures, General Interest, Human Resources, Increasing Teamwork, Management & Leadership Skills, Reducing Turnover with no comments

The most important asset to any company is its employees. Not only do you need to play close attention to the recruiting process, but it is also critical to make sure that your employees are always kept updated on the newest production methods and information for your industry. There are several things that your company needs to do in order to make sure that your employees always have the information they need to do their jobs properly.


Tuition Plan

A college education is an excellent foundation for any career. In order to make sure that your staff has the proper foundation and allows your company to stay competitive with the rest of your industry, it is important that you encourage your employees to be college educated. The employees that are not college educated need to be inspired to get their college degrees and the ones that are college educated should be encouraged to get their masters degrees.

A tuition plan that reimburses your employees back for a majority of their tuition costs is an excellent investment in your company’s future. You can choose what kinds of degrees your employees pursue, and you can also insist that you employees maintain a particular grade point average to qualify for reimbursement.


Manufacturer’s Training

The manufacturers that your company represents are always anxious to do onsite training for your employees every time a new product is released. This is your company’s chance to improve its visibility with your manufacturers and to get expert product training for your employees as well. The best part about this kind of training is that it is free for your company. While the company representative is at your location, you can share your company’s future plans and try to get better pricing on the products that you buy.


Safety Training

Even your most seasoned employees should have to go through quarterly safety training on all of the large and more dangerous equipment that your company uses in its warehouse and throughout the company. You can never do too much sales training, and this kind of training schedule will also allow you to make sure that all new hires also get the chance to become familiar with the important safety features of the equipment that your company has in its facility.


Other Training

Training is not only a great way to make sure that your staff’s skills are always up to date, but it can also be a good way to maintain a strong relationship with your staff. Along with product and safety training, you should also offer your employees training for other topics of importance to them. These topics include retirement planning, saving for large purchases such as homes and cars, ways to improve their health, Internet safety training and training on how to use various equipment at the local health club as part of the health incentives program. These are all training topics that your employees will appreciate and that can also offer value to the company as well. The healthier your staff is, the lower your health insurance premiums will be.

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