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How to be a brilliant manager

Posted on December 28, 2015 by in Business & Strategic Planning, Business Management, Business Systems & Workflow Procedures, Increasing Teamwork, Management & Leadership Skills with no comments

Brilliance as a manager is not limited to those with a higher than average IQ or to folks who know the “right” people. Managers who are team players while remaining decisive, flexible and able to know what it takes to accomplish goals are invaluable regardless of how they have achieved their stature. A brilliant manager balances gut instinct with an analytical mind, melding logic and emotion to create a depth of understanding for issues and people at all levels.

The image of power for managers is inescapable. A brilliant manager is not unlike a steady rock; he or she can be relied upon for support, encouragement, mentoring and leadership, and still have the ability to change when the need arises. Success is attained by the group effort of staff and a manager working together as a unit, through effective delegation training and trust. A brilliant manager knows this and focuses on in-depth communication with their people. The manager may be the guiding force of the organization, but recognizes that their people are what make the business unique.

Brilliant managers see the future. They know how to plan long range and stick to those plans despite possible setbacks or failures. They are self-disciplined because self-discipline produces results.

Brilliant managers:

  1. Know who they are. They have discovered their strengths and weaknesses and know how to maximize them.
  2. Stay in control. They don’t let unexpected or inappropriate antics, situations or emotionalism sway them from the correct path. Decisions are made after serious deliberation.
  3. Have a positive attitude. They think success at all times. They know that a good attitude is a force that is unbeatable.
  4. Welcome change, because change shows growth and the desire to improve. Change is a plus factor.
  5. Are mentors. They listen to their people and take the time to learn how to motivate workers for best results.
  6. They do not demand results, but “ask” by giving support and understanding.
  7. Are time managers, using time efficiently, for maximum results.
  8. Have confidence but aren’t cocky. Confidence comes with experience, knowledge and comfort with oneself.
  9. Know cooperation among peers equals a better company. Teamwork produces results that reach far beyond the efforts of one man or woman.
  10. Don’t use debit cards for major travel purchases. They make things happen by action and don’t wait until a plan has been decided upon. They are doers who are not afraid to reach for the brass ring.

Brilliant managers are invaluable and almost irreplaceable, learn to develop these qualities in yourself and you can lead your company to greatness.

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