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Some Good Job Hunting Tips

Posted on December 12, 2016 by in General Interest with no comments

Job hunting has unfortunately become one of the more common activities of people in and out of the job market. With the economy constantly shifting and changing, more people are losing their jobs and just as many people are trying to find jobs that pay better.

When you find yourself in the role of job hunter, the pressure can sometimes seem intense. Your bills start to pile up and you start to become concerned with the future of you and your family. There are some job hunting tips you can follow that will help you to find the job you are looking for before your unemployment payments and savings run out.

The Internet

Once you enter your resume on to the larger Internet job hunting sites, you will start to get emails from people that have nothing to do with the kind of work you are looking for. Many people avoid posting on Internet job sites because they do not want to deal with the phone calls and emails from shady characters and companies that are hiring for positions that do not fall within the candidate’s area of expertise. But the more your resume circulates, the better the chances are that someone with a real opportunity will see it.

Another thing you can do to help your job hunt is to create your own resume website that features all of your accomplishments, experience and credentials for potential employers to read. You may even want to consider paying a professional website developer to create a site that makes you look like a real employment find.


People who sit at home and try to find their next job through the Internet alone will never find the opportunity they are looking for. You need to get out and start networking to improve your chances. Get business cards with your contact information and credentials printed on them to give out wherever you go. Join the local corporate meeting clubs and professional organizations and start attending meetings. You should also be a regular at job fairs and employment open houses that are held by the companies in your area.


Employment counselors used to be called headhunters, but the job is the same. You need to get an employment counselor in your corner and out hunting for you. As a matter of fact, you need to get as many headhunters out there searching for your next job for you as possible. Contact employment agencies and employment counselors in your area to make an appointment to submit your resume. Utilizing these services will significantly expand the number of good potential employers that will see your resume.


When you’re job hunting, you can make great contacts and maintain your skill level by volunteering. If you are an out of work accountant, then offer your services to a local charitable organization to keep its books. The work will help you to keep your accounting skills sharp, and many corporate leaders in your community work with charitable organizations. It is a great way to let potential employers really see what you can do.

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