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Family Business Services

Family business meeting

Success Systems is a business consulting firm serving families and closely held companies.

The consultant, Jan Kantor, has assisted companies in achieving business goals for over┬áthree decades. He specializes in the “what” and “how” of business and family management…developing and maintaining a plan of action, and then hands-on assistance with implementing the plan.

The following is a summary of “scope of work” areas:

The Family Enterprise

  • Family education
  • Managing the family-business balance
  • How family and business work together
  • The family plan and mission statement
  • Enhancing communication flow among family members
  • Family cooperation and leadership
  • Identify and clarify goals for each family member
  • Developing current and future family leaders
  • How to set direction of the family enterprise by family members
  • Estate planning issues; security, future ownership, decision making
  • Defining roles and contributions of family members
  • Succession planning for the family
  • Reducing conflictive issues between family members


Strategic Business Planning

  • Identify current and desired status of the company
  • Evaluate strengths and limitations
  • Pinpoint competitive situation and counter strategy
  • Clarify business direction and priorities
  • Prepare senior team of family managers for business leadership
  • Outline assumptions business will operate by
  • Provide methods to arrive at agreed upon strategies, goals and tactics
  • Define mission of company
  • Identify and capitalize on marketplace opportunities
  • Shaping strategic partnerships
  • Outline investment partner alternatives


Operational Enhancements

  • Communication between departments
  • Work flow systems
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Teamwork between departments
  • Clarify department and company goals
  • Define current stage of business life cycle
  • Management and supervisory skill set training
  • Compensation/incentive programs to boost net profits
  • Company assessments to determine current levels of productivity
  • Developing future management leadership
  • Getting operational management to understand and meet ownership goals
  • Operational structure efficiencies
  • Minimizing employee-management conflicts