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Developing an Effective Recruiting Process

Posted on October 17, 2016 by in General Interest with no comments

Recruiting quality employees is one of the most important activities your human resources department will engage in. The growth of your company depends on always having a pool of qualified candidates to choose from when positions open up within the organization. Your human resources group needs to be proficient at finding people to fill positions within the organization that have been around for years, and it also needs to be able to plan ahead and find recruits for future business ventures that are new to the organization.

The best way to treat recruiting is as an ongoing process. It is common for a corporate human resources department to receive resumes even if the company has not advertised a position. Just because your company is not currently looking for employees does not mean that resumes should be ignored. You could have a key employee leave the company tomorrow and your company would be stuck. The process of recruiting is going on even when the current staff seems stable and in place. You never want to be put in a situation where you lose an employee and that affects your entire organization for the long-term.

To go along with the constant supply of resumes, there should also be an ongoing screening process of potentially qualified candidates as well. Once again, this can be a little tricky if you are not currently hiring for a position. But your company has minimum requirements for hiring that you can use as guidelines for all resumes. The screening process usually involves calling employees to confirm the information on their resumes and find out what kind of work they are looking for. If you do find yourself in need of a new employee, then having this initial screening work already done can save your company a lot of time.

When the human resources group screens a set of resumes, they should pass those resumes along to the applicable department managers and encourage those managers to do an initial interview for any employees that have credentials that interest the managers. Departments are always changing and employees are always leaving unexpectedly. Once again, having qualified resumes on file is a huge help in emergency situations.

The company’s recruiting process should include participation in job fairs and other open house type events where candidates get a chance to present their qualifications to the company. Colleges have a process that companies can get involved in where graduating students can go through the initial interview process to see which companies may be interested in hiring those students when they graduate. This is an excellent chance for your company to find the next generation of employees that will keep your company’s success going.

Job fairs that are held for the general public give your human resources personnel the chance to meet with a wide variety of people. There will be independent recruiters, job hunters and other companies at these events that can all offer a certain level of value to your recruiting process. Your company can gain a lot by spending time at these various recruiting open houses and job fairs.

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