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Case Studies

Business Equipment Company

A firm experiencing rapid growth, expanding at such a rate it was impossible for employees to focus on what was happening, to have any sort of goals other than simply more, more. The result was alienation, disorientation. Needed was organizational redevelopment, staff reorientation and education. Success Systems’ zeroed-in on the problems and formulated a program providing an incentive for teamwork and communication among the staff. From being the problem, the staff – including management – became the solution. Morale picked up markedly, and sales and productivity increased substantially.


Certified Public Accounting Firm

Rapid expansion resulted in many internal changes, changes that in turn contributed to uncertainty among employees. Through its seminars, Success Systems was able to help management focus on specific strategies to cope not only with continued growth, but also to prepare staff to anticipate problems that in the past had created uncertainty. Staff now better understands the true nature of business, feels more comfortable with its accelerated growth.


Hospitality Company

This organization operates several fine dining restaurants in Southwest Florida, a people-oriented business in which positive attitudes toward the public and employee attitudes toward each other are critical The company’s needs were twofold – higher employee awareness of customers relations, more supervisory team assertiveness. Success Systems programs helped develop greater awareness of, and insight to staff actions and interactions, a better understanding of intra-personal relationships. Teamwork and productivity increased, attitudes of employees improved markedly. The bottom line was (and is) increased sales.


Home Health Services Company

A growth-oriented company that had a need to develop staff capabilities to a point that individuals might experience personal growth and thus provide supervisory development to meet the firm’s anticipated expansion. Success Systems was able to bring staff to a better understanding of the principles of teamwork and communication. Programs were met with enthusiasm and support, and since working with Success Systems, the firm’s volume increased substantially.


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