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Read what others have said about their experience in working with Jan Kantor Success Systems.

Hospitality Organization

“The bottom line in our organization is customer satisfaction. In order to accomplish that goal, it is of primary importance to keep the staff happy, motivated and make sure they have direction,” states the owner of the company.  After consulting with Jan Kantor, our organization felt we could provide better services for our customers and help the day-to-day operations of all our restaurants by improving communications among managers, supervisors, and the executive board as well as their communications with all employees.”


“We have set up monthly meetings for the managers and supervisors and meetings for the Executive Board every other month. At first we were a little apprehensive about the program, but as Jan began to lead us into establishing a collective mission statement (which helps us pull together as a team), and also gave us a common goal; we could see the immediate benefits of his programs.” “Over the course of the last two or three years, quality and consistency of communications, morale among employees and efficient time management has greatly improved. The key to that success is Jan’s personal on-going involvement with the organization with information that is tailored especially for us and his day-to-day availability for specific problem solving when one of the management staff has a question. I would definitely recommend Success Systems for any organization that is interested in establishing professional and effective management and staff performance.”

Insurance Broker

“Originally, we sought the services of Jan Kantor to help us improve our employee-hiring procedures. In our business, one of the most important services we offer to our clients is experience and knowledge so we believe it is vital to hire the best possible person for the job and keep them as long as possible,” says the client. “To enhance and continue the growth process, we enlisted Success Systems for programs to facilitate employee communications and marketing and are now involved in a program which concentrates on sales skills.”


“Communication skills are an on-going process. Everyone has a desire to communicate, but they can’t see outside their bubble. Jan explains in the communications program, about the difference in people and how to develop tolerance and understanding for each type of person. Also, he explains how everyone must be willing to take thought, care and effort to communicate.” “When you are dealing with skills and attitudes, it may be difficult to see immediate results, but these programs have improved our revenues, controlled employee time and expenses, improved employee working conditions, and our most important objective-helped clients achieve their goals,” says the client.

Realty Company

“Your sales consulting program hit a HOT BUTTON for our people! They now understand each other better… are learning to operate as a team. Morale, and sales productivity has increased as well.”

Wealth Management Firm

“The Management Consulting you conducted for our people was a resounding success! Feedback has been very positive as our supervisors develop a greater awareness of themselves. It has given them a new perspective… a higher level of self- esteem. They are learning that a smoother running operation is achieved through understanding how to deal with people. This has in turn increased our bottom line.”

Capital Management Organization

“Kantor’s energetic, positive approach with our professionals was especially impressive. The messages were immediately supported by our people and the motivation developed by him has been a positive influence. He has been an invaluable help to us.”


“Success Systems has given us a much greater understanding of our employees and a higher esteem for our clients. In particular, we’ve benefited from the effect and relatable ‘how- to’ hints we were able to put to use immediately.”

Lifestyle Magazine

“Our business flows in a series of highs and lows, so our people are often under pressure. Your reinforcements both to customers and fellow employees has lead to increased incomes for our people and higher profits for our company. Particularly important was the thought you instilled that attitude makes or breaks the customer’s experience.”

Resort Hotel

“Your interaction with our managers has produced outstanding results… we have seen an attitude change among the group. Harmony and goal-setting has increased as they develop a higher awareness of their management abilities.”


“SUPER is the only word that adequately sums up your consulting program. It brought to light many considerations imperative to the industry. We already are noticing favorable results!”

Department Store

“We have now completed our sessions of the Advanced Selling Skills Program for sales associates. Your professionalism and energy serve to establish the credibility that is necessary for these sessions. We have experienced business increases in many departments. Our supervisors have also benefited greatly from these workshops. The productivity and attitude among our people have increased dramatically.”



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