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New manager faces new responsibilities

Posted on January 30, 2018 by in General Interest, Human Resources, Management & Leadership Skills with Comments Off on New manager faces new responsibilities

The day has finally arrived, and your boss has called you into the office. As a result of your brilliant, hard work you have been picked as the new manager. This is a time for celebration, the day you have been looking forward to. And well it should be. It is also a time to prepare for some serious changes.

Becoming a manager can mean fighting the urge to do things better yourself. What you are supposed to get others to do, you want to do on your own. After all, you know you can do the work well, but you may not be quite so sure of Tom or Sally. When you become a manager you have to deal with really difficult things – people.

You now have to learn to expect the unexpected, how to keep well informed and how to trust your intuition. You have to work differently with your co-workers and you must become comfortable with your role in order to be successful at it. It isn’t an easy overnight process, but it begins with learning to manage yourself.

First, you must understand what is expected of you. Don’t assume anything. If you need to ask questions, then ask them. Make sure you know what the company expects from you as a manager and know what authority you have and don’t have. Once you understand your role, you need to make a commitment. Make the commitment not only to your company, but also to yourself. Commit to learning the new responsibilities your role requires.

Next, manage your own self-esteem. As with any other employee, your self-esteem on the job is related to the “hands on” work you perform yourself. As a manager, you must derive your self-esteem by how well your employees perform. It is your managing that is being assessed.

Furthermore, realize that as a manager, not everyone will like you. Before your promotion, you may have been voted employee of the month by your peers; however, as a manager you won’t make everyone happy. Tell yourself that part of your job is to make uncomfortable and often disliked decisions. You have to, if you want to be an effective manager. Just remember not to go overboard: balance your judgment.

Learn to trust your intuition. You will find it can be a good friend. Many successes have come from managers who trust their own hunches.

Also remember the things that were important to you as an employee. Manage your authority with the respect and kindness you expected from your manager, and show appreciation to your employees for good work. Praise your employees in public, criticize them in private and don’t forget how you felt when you were in their shoes.

Lastly, keep yourself accessible to your employees. Let them know you are there to assist them. Don’t lock yourself away in your office. Talk to your employees and get their input and suggestions.

Becoming a new manager isn’t an easy task. There are many changes and adjustments to make. But by facing up to any insecurities you may have and working on them you are on your way to being an effective well-informed new manager.