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How to prepare for a speech

How to prepare for a speech

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Preparing for a speech can be a daunting experience.Preparing for a speech can be a daunting experience.

One way to improve the control of your presentation is to make effective use of your presentation aids. Your lectern should hold your text, not support your body, and your microphone should help your audience hear, not blast them with irritating feedback.

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Right name could mean big business

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Choosing the right name for your business is as important as customer service and product quality. A big part of company image is a good name. When choosing a name, keep in mind that the name should not only describe what your company is but also be a promotional tool.

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Be more than a manager be a leader

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Are you a manager or a leader? Many see these titles as synonymous, but the subtle difference in definition is quite important. Quite simply, all managers should strive to be leaders. Leaders are goal-oriented individuals who can visualize the “big picture.” Their credibility allows them to communicate effectively their ideas to others, thus motivating their team to action.

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