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Clear Stress So You Can Get Work Done

Posted on May 31, 2016 by in General Interest with no comments

One of the most common elements to any workplace is stress. It is almost impossible to avoid stress in the context of work because almost everything is on a deadline or needs to be done quickly but also with high quality. The funny thing about stress is that you can see the people in your office who are stressed and the ones who are able to handle the stress.

Everyone feels stress, it is just that some people handle stress differently. The people who are successful in business have found a way to deal with stress, and some even make stress work for them. The key to handling stress is understanding why you are feeling the stress and then deciding what it is you can do about it. There are a few things you can do to handle stress and even diffuse stress. That will help you to get through your day and accomplish all of your tasks to your best abilities.


Lay it Out in Front of You

In many cases, stress is caused by one thing. You may have a pending deadline that is causing you stress because the project is important and the deadline seems almost impossible to accomplish. As more things start to happen during the course of your day, the stress may seem to increase. The best thing to do is write out everything you have to do and include the deadlines when all of your projects are due. Once you see that you only have the one project that is due right now, then your stress will dissipate a bit. If you have several deadlines coming up at the same time, the prioritize them and get them done in sequence.


Take a Break

When it comes to your health in the workplace, nothing is more important that taking an occasional break just to refocus your mind and feel sharper. Take 10 minutes to go outside and collect your thoughts. Have a cold drink or maybe have a quick lunch. Food is usually a good distraction to the stress of the day. When you break up the stress with breaks, it helps to prevent the feeling of stress from compounding.


Have a Good Team

Unless you cannot afford a staff, which is very common these days, you can reduce your staff by making sure that you have a competent team surrounding you. When you hire people, you should only hire people that you feel you can develop confidence in. Make sure that everyone in your staff knows their jobs and is able to perform those jobs well. If you surround yourself with incompetent people just to save money on payroll, then you will increase your stress while decreasing your company’s ability to be productive.


Look at Your Accomplishments

In many cases, stress comes from that feeling that a task is insurmountable. One good way to diffuse stress is to remind yourself of accomplishments you have achieved in similar situations. If you have completed similar projects in worse situations in the past, then reminding yourself of that can help you to develop the confidence you need to offset the stress you are feeling.

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