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Success Systems is a business-consulting firm, helping growth-oriented companies and individuals improve and enhance their work habits and organizational structure to meet personal and professional expectations.

Success Systems specializes in corporate communications and business systems consultation. We provide people-oriented communication and systems "tools" in order to accomplish objectives within companies, thereby reaching the expectations of top management. We increase internal communication and work flow systems, which lead to higher sales and customer satisfaction and a more profitable bottom line while shortening the "timeline" for results.

Today's rapidly changing business climate means flexibility in dealing with customer needs and adapting to current marketing approaches. Success Systems offers what money can't buy... the willingness of employees to work together to provide for customers' needs, and the skills they must possess in order to assist the company in achieving its goals and objectives.

Success Systems offers today's "competitive edge" in business... enhancing the teams' productivity through clear corporate organization and communication.

We Optimize Productivity and Results in the Key Areas of:

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Business and Strategic Planning
Management and Leadership Skills
Business Systems and Workflow Procedures
Marketing Opportunities
Increasing Sales
Enhancing Customer Relations to Retain Customers
Interviewing & Selection Techniques
Reducing Turnover
Increasing Teamwork

  Our programs provide a sound business foundation to shape an effective "game plan" for the future of your organization. At the heart of your organization are people who manage and lead toward results. We help grow them, increasing their performance on your behalf. As your company grows, a solid business infrastructure is needed to cope with the increased volume. Our systems provide efficient methods to monitor and measure business results, so your people can focus on client relationships. Our proven marketing systems help you take advantage of missed opportunities, find effective market niches, and maintain your competitive edge. Success Systems sales techniques assist sales people to hone their skills, so your product or service is "presented" professionally, the way you would like it to be! Treating customers the way they want to be treated leads to referrals and repeat business. Our programs help employees understand their role in making sure your business meets customer expectations. We provide methods for helping you evaluate potential employees before they are hired. These "tools" provide an insight as to whether candidates can do the job properly. Satisfied employees are motivated to perform well on your company's behalf. Generally, turnover costs you one and a half times the employee's salary. Success Systems' 25 years of experience has shaped meaningful and results oriented methods that keep employees on the job. In today's fast paced, complex business environment, management and staff working as a team is key to solving problems and doing business. We provide methods to enhance teamwork and communication within your company.

Jan Kantor is a nationally recognized author and columnist.


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